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My Name is Jodi Buse, and I'm a registered Health & Transformation Coach, a certified Wahls Practitioner and a Personal trainer.


Do you or someone you care about suffer from an autoimmune or neurological disease? Maybe there is no clear diagnosis but symptoms like brain fog, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, memory loss, or inflammation are interfering with normal life.

If you've been searching for information about functional medicine and using a therapeutic diet and lifestyle program to see how it can impact your health, you've arrived at the right place. We are all at different points in our health journey. Some may be ready to make the sweeping health behaviour changes it will take to start to chip away at the root cause of why disease occurs.

I understand where you are at, I've been there too. I have relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. I am a patient, a health coach, a life coach, personal trainer and a functional medicine practitioner.

I am an educator and patient advocate, I can help guide you with information and support that can read and think deeply about to determine what feels right for you and your health Journey.

It all began with “Fatty Fatty Two by Four”…

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I am the least committed individual when it comes to fitness, but a personal injury and brain trauma necessitated my getting fitter. I was blessed to find Jodi, not simply because she had a fabulous facility at home for the sessions, but because she had both the technical training and first-hand experience of overcoming physical challenges. The combination of empathy, ability and tough love was exactly what I needed to kickstart my journey to better - thank you coach Jodi!  

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