90 Minutes Quick Fix

Your 90-minute health assessment & nutrition consultation includes...

90-minute Initial Health Assessment and Nutrition Consultation.  

During your 90-minute one on one initial session, I will work with you to assess your current relationship with food and your body which includes self-care, eating, exercise behaviors, and sleep patterns. I will also evaluate and help pinpoint underlying causes contributing to your health concerns including hormonal issues, gastrointestinal problemsetc. For example, if you suffer from chronic heartburn, I will help identify the foods that trigger your symptoms, help make the appropriate dietary changes and recommend natural remedies to help ease your discomfort. If you are trying to lose weight, you and I will develop a plan together that moves you towards your optimal body weight, normalized eating, and a freeing relationship with food and your body. Our initial session includes an individual plan with long term goals, small actionable steps and helpful resources.

Fully Customized Health and Wellness Plan:

I will create a completely tailored health and wellness plan for you to meet your specific needs and help you reach your health goals. Your Health & Wellness Plan will be based on the information that you provide on your Client Intake Form, the information you share with me during our free consult and during our 90-minute consultation. This plan will provide clear and detailed instructions so that you can start implementing some of the recommended lifestyle and diet changes immediately.

1 Week of Complimentary Email Support:

After receiving your Fully Customized Health and Wellness Plan, it is likely that you will have questions. Your success is important to me which is why I am happy to offer 1 full week of email support to help you get started. Be rest assured, that you will have me by your side during this crucially important time to answer any questions as you start implementing the recommended diet and lifestyle changes. Don’t worry, if you need my support longer than one week, I will be happy to help you as long as necessary, so you will never have to feel like you are on your own.

The 90-minute consultation is for you if…

You have minor health concerns such as headache, migraine, heartburn, bloating, PMS symptoms, etc

You have been diagnosed with chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, autoimmune diseases etc and you are ready to make some diet and lifestyle changes to address the root cause of your problems

You are looking for some nutritional guidance to help you maximize your health

You have some food sensitivities and you can’t wait to get some help figuring out what you can really eat

You’d like to lose some weight in a healthful way without dieting

You want to feel vibrant and energized and you know you need a lifestyle reboot

What can you expect?

I will provide you with a clear action plan so that you know exactly what diet and lifestyle changes you should make to help optimize your health. I will break down the plan into small, manageable steps that you can take immediately to get closer to reaching your health goals

We are all different, right?

This is why I place a huge emphasis on LISTENING to you so that I can really understand your needs. Instead of a one-size-fit-all, blanket approach, you will have a comprehensive plan in place that is designed to meet your specific needs. How awesome is that?

I will motivate and encourage you to take charge of your health. I will give you no-nonsense information, so that you can make the most educated decisions about your diet and lifestyle choices.