Blessed to find Jodi

I am the least committed individual when it comes to fitness, but a personal injury and brain trauma necessitated my getting fitter. I was blessed to find Jodi, not simply because she had a fabulous facility at home for the sessions, but because she had both the technical training and first-hand experience of overcoming physical challenges. The combination of empathy, ability and tough love was exactly what I needed to kickstart my journey to better - thank you coach Jodi! 

Sattu M.

Discovered my blind spots

As a Social Worker, I must admit I was skeptical about what I would accomplish during this training. But I was very mistaken. Jodi supported me to discover blind spots in emotions around food and realizing the control I do have over my health and goals. It was such an amazing experience. To touch on so many topics and work through them in such a safe and clear manner. There was lots of tough emotional moments that Jodi helped me through and to maintain my motivation. I am in disbelief of how my perspective has changed so much


The realization of the control I have over my food was a life changing moment for me. I always felt so powerless. I was scared I was derail off my exercise, water intake, and food tracking, but have not got off track at all. This is the first time in my life I have been able to maintain this level of control and consistency in my life. And it feels right for the first time, which means the support I received from Jodi was perfect for me

Laura G.

Jodi is amazing

Jodi is amazing. I am overweight with knee pain and, being overweight, was hesitant to see a personal trainer for fear of being judged. After reading Jodi's back story I realized she has been there; she has had children, she has been overweight, she understands what it feels like. I met with her and explained my concerns and she worked with me every (literal) step of the way. If my knees couldn't do a move, she changed it to something I could do. She challenged me and pushed me but believed I could do what she was telling me to do. My mind is my worst enemy, it told me I couldn't do one more, but Jod told me I could. And I did. I have been with Jodi for 6 months and the physical improvements are amazing (down two dress sizes, booyah!) but not near as amazing as the improvements to day to day life. You start to notice little things, like being able to, one handed, hold the full jug of laundry soap above your head. Carrying dog food on one arm and having the attendant grunt and heave the same bag. Carrying alllll the groceries like a boss. I helped my husband carry a couch down stairs without panicking and dropping it. All these daily things get easier, your children get lighter (no really, I can wear my 9 year old on like a backpack now!), the stairs don't make you look for a ramp. You will not be disappointed. Simply being able to squat without horrible knee pain is worth it (also, your butt will look amaaaazinng). Thank you, Jodi!

Meghan D.

Funniest trainer out there

I have trained with Jodi for the past eight years.  I can definitely recommend working with her.  While gyms usually tend to be crowded, chaotic and disorganized, Jodi offers a wide variety of exercise devices in a spotless environment.  Jodi is always joyful, positive and tries to push you to their limits while still considering their physical well being making each session a fun experience.  Jodi is always cracking jokes and is probably the funniest trainer out there.  However when it comes to working out she will go hard on you.  You can expect excellent results in a short period of time.  She is a great role model and inspires you to work harder than ever.  This is why I will always have Jodi as my trainer

Steffen V.K.

Jodi is one of the Kindest People I know

I was casually speaking with Jodi about a health problem I have been battling with for years, and she suggested I try the WAHLS Protocol. I must admit, I was first sceptical trying yet another program- but also, was willing to try anything that could improve my overall health. Needless to say, WAHLS works. With WAHLS and Jodis guidance and encouragement, I started feeling more like my old self. I had Improved energy, a clearer head and better sleep. My chronic condition had improved as well. Recipes are easy and more important- tasty!! It truly is a great program to implement into your life.

I cant say enough about Jodi! She is an amazing coach. She is, without a doubt, one of the kindest people I know. Jodi always tries to help others find their true, healthy self. She will always meet you with kindness and understanding but will guide you to your goals and keep you accountable. She is a true advocate for healthy, happy humans!
Jodi is amazing!

Tanya C.

Jodi takes the time!

My name is Lori and I am a 42 year old working mother with 2 wonderful children and a great husband. Approximately 20 years ago I was injured in an accident. I was told in 2001 that I had an “Inflammatory type” arthritis called Psoriatic Arthritis, which affects most major joints and tendons, ligaments, organs and eyesight.

Jodi told me about how she had become a Wahl practitioner, along with Life Coach, and Personal Trainer and how she was dealing with her own disease via diet and exercise, I am not into exercise, but I thought to myself…

“It’s time to deal with this or live like this”

Before I began my life-changing journey with Jodi I hated the thought of going for a walk and going back up the hill to my house. I hated the way I felt in my own skin, it didn’t fit right anymore, every step I took on a daily basis was painful, I suffered from joint pain in all parts of my body, and I felt really bad about myself. I did not sleep through the night ever and was a poor example of the person I had been in my past.

Since beginning this life change with Jodi, I look forward to going up those hills, I feel like my skin fits again and I am more confident. Not only in myself, but in the fact that I now have the knowledge to help myself. I know that if ever I start to sway and drift away from my new life, Jodi is only ever a phone call away.

My kids see a healthier, happier, more energetic Mom, most likely the best thing I could ever have done for them!

I know I never would have started or completed, or maintained this without the unbending support, and kindness Jodi shows each and every one of her people.

I will never be able to put into words what it means to me, that Jodi took the time to help me and never once do I feel like “just one of many clients” If I didn’t know just how busy she is, I would think I am her only person.

Thank you Jodi, for everything

Lori T.

She is dedicated, knowlegable and accomodating

Heading 1

I've never really "worked out" in my life until I started seeing Jodi at Icore personal training... With a beer belly in tow, I slumped into the gym to meet Jodi for the first time. My "goal" at that time, was to get in shape. It has been just over three months now. Since the first week of training with Jodi I had gained so much energy, the daily headaches and heart burn had completely gone away and after just two months I believe I had already reached my goal of "getting in shape". But I could not have stopped there. I was now addicted to what has become part of my weekly routine. Jodi is very dedicated to her profession, she is knowledgable and accommodating if you have injuries. Jodi has a wonderful personality too. She makes it seem like you are hanging out with a friend at the gym and the workouts just fly by every time. And yet she gets results out of you! Amazing! I have nothing negative to say about this experience.. So please people, get off your asses and make a change!!


Jodi is amazing.  She knows her stuff.  She has helped get me out of my funk and back to loving myself and focusing on the things that really matter.  She is super committed and always prepared for every session.  Honest, kind and just a great human.  Highly recomend her.

Reta. D

Helped me out of my funk